Massage Classes

Come and learn from the expert---your local massage whisperer! This 2-hour class will show you how to do simple, yet effective techniques to help yourselves and loved ones at home. Learn the right tools and stop letting your fingers do all the exhausting work!

Enjoy this live, hands-on experience where you can practice the techniques while having a great time! Make it a fun outing and bring a loved one, friend or family member.

The Holistic Wonder Woman, LLC currently offers three different courses:

Class 1 (Back & Shoulders)

This course will approach the back and shoulders with techniques that will help relax, relieve tension, and add mobility.  We will review the usage of different tools to avoid overusing & hurting your thumbs and fingers.  After the completion of this course, you should know enough massage techniques to be able to confidently perform perform at least a 15 minute massage on the back and shoulders.

Class 2 (Neck, Face, & Head)

This course will focus on the face, head, neck and shoulders.  These techniques are great for those suffering with headaches (tension, cluster, migraine) and TMJ disorder.  You'll learn techniques that help the facial skin stay young and supple, while also addressing the many muscles that control the area to provide stress/strain relief.  Many of these tricks and tips can be used on yourself or others.

Class 3 (Hands & Feet)

This course will focus on the hands and feet.  Often, the hand and feet are forgotten in comparison to other body aches and pains.  However, your hands and feet are used all day long and need relief.  During this course, we will teach you techniques that will help you relieve tension and see why it's such a good idea to give them the attention they deserve.