Kapow! Pain Relief Spray

Say hello to the "Ka-Pow! Pain Relief Spray" and say goodbye to aches and pains.  Unlike other pain relief products, such as Bio-Freeze or Icy Hot, our pain relief spray is all-natural.  With a mix of menthol crystals and naturally heating/cooling essential oils, our pain relief spray smells great without the need of perfumes or chemicals.  Not only that, but the effects have been known to last for hours!  Feel better now with a spray of "Ka-Pow"!

Price per bottle = $12

Paradise Island Body Butter

Our all natural, unscented body butter is made with pure coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, and mango butter.  It was made with all skin types in mind, including those with psoriasis and eczema.  Our body butter is so gentle that it can be used as a face moisturizer and can help be used to help treat/prevent acne.  Give your skin the holiday it deserves with "Paradise Island Body Butter"!

Price per jar = $10

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